We Need Some Devices: UPDATE

It’s reached the uncomfortable highs of mid July heat and in a small sweaty room on an industrial estate in a corner of York; the early evening quiet is interrupted with a new kind of heavy that wafts over in the warm breeze.

More associated with cold, damp and close weather, the welcome seasonal break to the norm, gives way to bright, brand spanking new music that mixes a powerful metal cocktail.

In these early days it’s clearly evident of the portent of quality to come and none more so to getting that established first foot out there.

That being said lets introduce you to the first three “DEVICES” songs,

As a debut goes, with approximately 3 minutes and 3 seconds on the clock, it’s not the longest tunes out there but “Wearing Thin” showcases all the factors that will become meat and drink to further writing. Starting with a lone rolling riff, its two bar intro is met with full band meat that falls into the first verse. Using breaks, melody licks and dynamics to underline each other the verse quickly gathers to a short bridge that combines both clean and distorted vocals.

The Chorus is full of bright and clean soaring vocals and a catchy guitar melody that will instantly stick around, a combination and key component to Device’s armoury.

Breaking it down to a small acoustic style quiet part is the beginning of the middle eight that really gets into what Devices can do. A slow tempo aggressive riff that’s full of low end attack is double timed and fed into the solo and vocal outro before an alt’ style stabbed ending completes the song.

Quietly confident is the verdict. Onto song number two.

 “Depths” is a full on in your face song, with a 150+ bpm it’s an all in heavy metal party. The song starts with an introduction that utilises the riff for percussive dynamics and features a blended motif guitar riff for depth (!) The first part of the verse breaks down to just vocals/drums/bass and a small guitar part which then lifts to a full bodied climax to the bridge.

There’s no relenting on the pace as the bridge speeds in, separated only by a half time drum bar that mixes the same technique in the chorus. Grinding out a slower and meaty short chorus it’s all back round once again to the end of the chorus this time with a crescendo ending to take an unexpected turn.

Again a lone riff signals the start of a melodic break down that enters the middle eight and solo parts. After a quick lead line it quickly starts to drip with ferocious fret work that beautifully changes half way through between guitarists. There’s still room to fill out an ending that vocally emerges from the melt to leave a more thoughtful and wanting more style ending.

For song number three, as written chronologically, “Hands of Fire” became that “difficult” third song. Not made tricky by its number but more so because of the writing and musicianship that is trying to break free. But restraining the beast is part of the learning curve and in trying to create something different and individual, patience is the name of the game. This song features a potent guitar riff that is punctuated on the changes with a purposeful bass/cymbals/grit attack which then moves to a more groove style and moody verse. More sinister in the vocal delivery and combines a drop out overlay its unique feel is more the type which could be drawn back to individual influences.

Fall out of the verse and into a short but impacted bridge it’s quickly into the chorus. Again the use of melodies and slower more sustained brighter riff carries it to a more accessible and crowd pleasing level. It’s only once round before it moves to another segue way and into a spooky two bar intro to start the mighty middle eight. Packed full of power and low end force this burgeoning riff is full of bass and overdriven punch, matched intensely with the stabbing of the drums. As this moves through the solos it drastically ups it speed to give a nod to its thrash metal inspirations and then it’s gone.

A little acoustic chorus riffs bleeds in to one final chorus ending and this 5 minute behemoth closes.

We have sweated, agonised, changed, lifted, dropped, enhanced, promoted and ultimately enjoyed making the first three Official DEVICES songs and are now part of our history.

We are working hard to write as much as we can and as fast as we can.

We shall soon be hitting the road for you to hear them too.

We are DEVICES and this is what we do.


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