Not your everyday Cliché

So what do we do and how do we do it?

We are from the City of York, we are a Four piece, we are Drums, Guitar, Bass and Vocals and we write our stuff in studios such as The White Rooms and Melrose Yard.

We are a band of experienced musicians, time served with plenty of live and studio time and a back catalogue sprayed across different bands on the Internet but that’s nothing new; there are literally thousands of people who can claim that, right?

While that statement is true we like to think what we do is different to all the rest. We are selfishly aggressive in writing what we consider to be something that blurs between, Hard Rock, Metal, Alternative and other musical influences. But that’s nothing new I can hear you say, just more boring Clichéd tags and genre labelling like every other band. Well, its not entirely true, although those “Genres” are where we comfortably lie, there are within those details influences that have been crossed and bands that not your average fan girl would put together.

Putting together each individuals strengths and talents is what we do, its not conventional, it has caused controversy before. In writing our desired sound we aim to profit using clean melodic vocals with an alternative second style of delivery, having technical guitar segues, twin lead melodies and solo’s to slamming hook laden chorus’s with breakdowns. We would not be one of those bands to bring in a collection of ideas and tools from our peers and try and tactlessly glue them together; this is more colourful than that. Though the appearance of this may seem to be unpopular or even un-fashionable, we don’t care about “fitting in” or being characterised by our music, instead we focus on delivering content that’s full of art, passion, energy, colour, aggression, meaning and dare we say, the more unusual.

In our experiences the focus has fallen off what we would consider to be music and the reasons for playing it, rehearsing it and even recording it. We want to achieve success naturally but we also want to challenge ourselves and hopefully the people that listen to it.

So if its formula you’re after, young kids with plenty of fizz but no direction or even something commercially viable but totally soul less then this isn’t that. We are real, real people with life experience, hard working with a tongue firmly rooted in the side our collective cheek.

Its Heavy, its Loud and its something Dark and Alternative

If this ticks your box, then Devices™ is for you.

The White Rooms

Melrose Yard



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