Ghosts are coming

Make some noise!

Made up from a mixture of bands, including Inspades and Bastrad : DEVICES are now currently working on putting a set together to finally hit the local live scene.

Its been a hard graft to get the right people in place, not least collecting the necessary skills and experience, but putting together 4 characters to work in bringing some different but heavy modern music is staring to pay dividends.

We are excited with what we have penned so far, our only negative is not having the impetus to road test them live, but as the saying goes; “the best things come to those wait!”

With an imperious and inspirational back drop to live in, YORK provides its ancient and dark history to complement the fabric of what we do, to write the music we want and not be scarred to do so!

There are plenty of ghost’s to live with in this medieval city but its time to relieve those demons from our past and concentrate on living in the now. Uncompromising, dark, heavy, melodic and powerful: DEVICES are coming.





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