We are DEVICES a Melodic Heavy band from the City of York. England.

We’ve been around the block and tasted the delights of what live music has to offer – some good, some Bad!! Its now finally time to be left to our own DEVICES and concentrate on what matters most to us: writing quality material that we want to make and bringing it to you.DevicesramskullAVAR

If experience counts for anything then we have learned how to adapt to a challenging environment while still keeping our focus rooted to the core values that resonate with us.

Our history may be a tapestry of mixed tales but an undeniable hard rock fist punches through dark melody and heavy riff infused British Heavy metal.

Throwing the kitchen sink at heavy music while still maintaining to make silk out of a Sow’s ear.

These are the DEVICES:

Stew King (Vocals/Guitar)

*Situation Vacant* (Bass)

Rob Horton (Guitar)

P.G. Branton (Drums/Vocals)


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