Killer what now..?

Happier than a Clown at a Killer Clown Party..

So after what we thought was a solid, albeit a slow start, Devices has turned another corner and lost Bass Player Lu to another part of the bands early history.

Writing has been a key part of generating a steady stream of musical consciousness and in the months since its inception that process has been poorly affected by the uncertainty of commitment. However, with this now in the past, Devices has moved on and is concentrating on establishing a new bassist and things are looking good.

As ever, things never run smooth and the path to finding that elusive steady ship is one that may never be.

There is always a positive, the one main outstanding point is that Devices are beginning to write some of the music of their lives and are exciting to push on and deliver some new and fresh heavy music.

With a recording session planned and booked in the coming months, gigs, which have been a primary objective, is somewhere closer than originally desired and closing 2016 there should be further announcements concerning new recordings and live appearances.

We draw on inspirations to create what we find is something challenging but also different enough to entertain and provoke thought. Blending imagery and art, like that of Slipknot, provides a source of photographic enjoyment that we use on our Instagram account:

We take pride in making music that is enjoyable to ourselves but also to others who like similar music to us. WE follow on Twitter our influences and bands that we respect but we also use Twitter to find other users & people that we find interesting or we can connect with. If you’re using Twitter why not check us out:

We are DEVICES and we are coming..

Featured image: Chris Fehn – Slipknot (Metalinjection)



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