Who are we??

Devices are a band that have evolved from York and the surrounding county’s under ground Hard Rock, Alternative and Metal scene.

Founding members P.G. Branton (Drums/Vocalsand Stew King (Lead Vocals/Guitarhave shared a musical chemistry since teenagers, forming Alternative Heavy Punk band Kilometre Zero to then establishing a more modern twisted metal trio with bass player Tom Leggott in Inspades.

As shared experiences and as stand alone musicians and writers, the pair have often worked together and fed into each others views and desires of writing hard hitting, melodic grit. Combining a shared love of music, art and culture, the back bone of Devices is driven by Branton and Kings’ vision, this time though challenging themselves on York’s  DIY and Low Fi music scene; bringing back more of the ideas of late nineties work ethic with an exciting grasp of contemporary heavy music.

As Devices started to grow, a fresh recruiting process began and it started with gathering interested from individuals from local wanted ads.

Lu Dixon (Bass) from Hull based band SystemK was an obvious choice if not generally for its huge slice of fate. Being of a similar back ground and similar musical tastes, it was clear that this former guitarist turned bass player was not only on the same writing page but within a particular vein of humor.

As a three piece, new ideas began to flow but this time both PG and Stew were constantly aware of the need to develop their sound and progression and a pursuit of a second guitarist.

It’s no secret for those involved in a modern music scene in their own town that there seems to be a saturation of tribute acts and singer/songwriters and York is no different. Finding  three members of a band is hard enough but a fourth was a challenge.

Never the less, Rob Horton (Guitarist) from Mantle of Thorn and his siblings project, Misguided Strum Monkeys proved not to be the case as again a collection of shared influences was a vital beginning point; a quick partnership with guitars soon began to come together.

Devices are now currently writing new material with songs such as “Depths” and “Wearing Thin” show casing their latest tools. For fans of melodic twin guitar, raw punk tinged drums, huge low end, technical segues, spat vocals, chunky riffs and clean Dickinson Esq vocals – there’s always Devices near you.







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